Christmas 2017

Teaser Photo Turn into Father Christmas and bring a smile to children's faces! Give someone the gift of a better future!

Father Christmas does exist and he is currently reading these lines. Yes, we mean you! This year you can slip into the role of Father Christmas and let dreams come true.

Project Description

Many children have high career aspirations. However, some children will never reach those goals as they do not have the opportunity to attend school.

Jemar is in the 5th grade at the San Roque Elementary School in the Philippines. What does he wish to become?

When children neither believe in Father Christmas nor in a better future

Becoming a sailor and seeing the world is a dream that many may have. However, they do not have the good fortune to go to school. Nor can they celebrate the 24th of December with their families and they have long since given up hope on a visit from Father Christmas. Those who live in poverty and grow up without sufficient nutrition have little grounds to believe in a better future.

Anyone can become a Father Christmas

120 students were malnourished when we started our project at the San Roque Elementary School. With a donation of 15 EUR, you can provide a child in need at this school with a daily warm meal for an entire month.

The children at the Holy Trinity School in Nigeria would also be delighted to receive school books. With a donation of 30 EUR, you can bring a big smile to the faces of five school children as this sum would grant them school books, uniforms and sports equipment.

Classes are hardly possible without the respective infrastructure. By donating 60 EUR you can cover the costs for providing and maintaining the necessary infrastructure (buildings, furniture, running costs, water, renovations, etc.) and subsequently guarantee the running of the school.

However, there are still approximately 263 million children between the ages of six and 17 who cannot attend school. A donation of just 100 EUR will guarantee a child's complete education for an entire month.

Give someone a future! Help disadvantaged children achieve their professional goals!
Your donation helps ensure that the disadvantaged children in Honduras, Nigeria and the Philippines have the chance for a better future: Education is their most valuable tool!

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Project Goals

To fulfill childrens' in need Christmas wishes

Project Title

Turn into Father Christmas and bring a smile to children's faces! Give someone the gift of a better future!

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Project Period

07.12.2017 - 26.12.2017