Teaser Photo Achieving independence and a fulfilling life – Support for the Broward Children’s Center

A cooperative project of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and the Broward Children’s Center in Florida

Project Description

The Broward Children’s Center provides numerous services (therapies, education programmes) for mentally and physically challenged children, adolescents and adults. Their goal is to help each individual achieve their highest levels of education and independence by means of individual support and medical care.

This centre and its dedicated teachers and care-takers needed more space for therapies and additional education programmes. An empty building needed to be remodelled in order to make it accessible to handicapped people and people in wheelchairs. Furnishings and equipment such as desks, chairs, hurricane proof windows, computers, portable video screens and multi-sensory chairs were purchased. The building shall serve as a classroom, therapy room and social room for all beneficiaries. It will also serve as a shelter from hurricanes.

Project Goals

Renovating a building of the Broward Children’s Center. The goal was to create an additional space for school education, therapies and social contacts. The focus was on the installation of hurricane proof windows, clear access to facilities and implementation of holistic therapies. These improvements should strengthen the independence and make a self-determined life possible for its beneficiaries.

Project Title

Achieving independence and a fulfilling life – Support for the Broward Children’s Center

Project Location

Pompano Beach, Florida USA

Project Period

July 2011 – July 2012


200 persons from infant to adult – mentally and physically challenged

Project Partner

Broward Children’s Center, Florida


On January 15th, 2012 the newly renovated therapy room at the Broward Childrens Center was reopened. Several representatives from the Lyoness USA offices celebrated the opening together with the kids and the staff from the BCC. 
After the celebration the kids were able to see the new therapy room for the first time.
The new room was furnished with special equipment like computers, therapie material or sanitory facilities which provide the best possible support for disabled children.