Hungary II

Teaser Photo Flood help from the community

A cooperative project of Lyoness Hungary Kft. and the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation

Project Description

Immediate help was needed as parts of Hungary were flooded in October 2010. The Child & Family Foundation and the personnel from the Lyoness Hungary Kft. regional office were immediately on site to administer first aid and to ensure long-term assistance. It was planned that the Foundation would support six organisations to ensure that the damage can be repaired in the affected areas. True to the Foundation’s philosophy – “Education. Chances. Future." – six schools were selected to be supported by the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation, Lyoness Hungary Kft. and the Hungarian Lyoness community. Through a donation account that was created by Hungarian Lyoness members and Premium Members, it was also possible to offer additional financial support to the project beneficiaries.

Project Goals

To support the reconstruction of the damaged buildings, acquire work equipment and building materials, as well as new teaching materials for the students and schools in the project area.

Project Title

Together we can achieve more than one person alone – Flood help from the community

Project Location

Felsőzsolca, Baráthegy, Tomor, Onga-Ócsanálos, Szikszó, Hungary

Project Period

October – November 2010

Project Partner

Lyoness Hungary Kft.


Through the support by the Lyoness Hungary Kft. and the Child & Family Foundation together with the Lyoness members in Hungary building materials and materials for the renovation and rehabilitation of the kindergartens and schools could be bought. Teaching materials and damaged furniture and fixtures could be renewed.