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Teaser Photo Realisation of a vocational training center in the Károly Róbert Vocational School in Gyöngyös

A cooperation between the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association and the Károly Róbert Vocational School.

Project Description

The "Károly Róbert" vocational school was founded in 1954 Gyöngyös. The school offers a
job-specific as well as general education in trade, tourism and agriculture.

The school offers the following training branches:
• Trade/Marketing/Business Administration: salesman or saleswoman, retail specialist
• Tourism/Catering: waiter or waitress, confectioner, cook, caterer, travel agent
• Agriculture: horticulturist

In recent years, the number of students has increased enormously but the schools budget has remained the same or even decreased. Most affected was the vocational training of the school.
The existing infrastructure consists of a small classroom, which could not be adequately maintained and the equipment is more than old fashioned and outdated. The school often has to improvise and ask shops and businesses in the surrounding area if they can use their facilities and equipment for practical lessons. Most of the time this is not easy and very inconvenient for the students, as well as for the businesses and leads to complicated schedules and logistical problems.

A separate new vocational training centre for the training branch retail trade would be the best way to ensure an efficient schedule and adequate training environment. The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association has therefore decided to support the school in the realisation of the new vocational training centre.

Project Goals

The goal is to open a new vocational training centre for the students in the training branch “retail trade” where they can complete the practical part of their education.
With the new equipment and facilities of the centre, the students will get the opportunity to:

- carry out their theoretical knowledge in practice and on-the-job training,
- work with tools and equipment they will need in their future profession,
- learn and practice how to use the technical equipment.

Since the school does not have enough space for the new centre, an additional building close to the school will be rented.

Household appliances (large and small), cooking and baking utensils, cleaning supplies, communications equipment, IT equipment, tools, machineries, equipment for a furniture show room (tables, chairs, shelves, etc.) and other much needed materials will be purchased.

Project Title

Realisation of a vocational training center in the Károly Róbert Vocational School in Gyöngyös

Project Location

Gyöngyös, Hungary

Project Period

01.06.2014 – 10.10.2014


250 students of the "Károly Róbert" vocational school in Gyöngyös that study the training branch “retail trade”.

Project Partner

Károly Róbert Vocational School


The new vocational training centre was officially opened on October 10th together with the students, Lyoness members and educational sponsors.