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A project cooperation between the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association, Lyoness Hungary, the "Jézus" children's home, the "Magdaléneum" nursing home and the "Irgalmas Samaritánus" children's home.

Project Description

In 2013 an old abandoned house in the city of Székelyhíd, Romania opened up its doors to a group of 20 orphan children. Together with the locals and the government and with the help of some donations the place was renovated and has become a modest residence for orphans: the “Jézus Gyermek Otthon” children’s home. After one year, renovation and works are still very necessary. Some Lyoness Members of Hungary got in contact with this institution and decided to give a hand. So, in April 2014 an “Angel for a Day” activity was held and on that day the Lyoness Members together with their families and the people from the orphanage planted 150 rose bushes, cleaned and renovated some rooms and donated clothes, food and swings for the playground.

After the positive experience, more ideas came up and the Lyoness Members of Hungary got in touch with two other similar institutions, an orphanage for girls in Nagydobrony, Ukraine and a nursing home for handicapped women and girls in Nyíregyháza, Hungary in order to offer a hand in collaboration with the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association. In this way, the requests and possibilities of help were analyzed and the project called “Help without borders” begun.

The project intends to cover some basic and urgent requests from all the three institutions in collaboration with the Lyoness Members and Loyalty Merchants of the area and the support of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association. Since the financial situation of all the three institutions is rather difficult and the range of needs is wide, the project will first begin with solving some of the emergency needs and later on provide them with more help.

In Jesus Children’s Home (Gyermek Jézus Otthon) new beds were donated for the new children arriving in September 2014. Bookshelves were provided for their library and swings for the playground, which have brought enormous joy for the children since they had nothing to play outdoors. Clothes and food also were donated by the Lyoness Members and some cleaning and handwork helped the improvement of their old building.

The “Magdaléneum” nursing home for people with special needs received three PCs and thus a new computer lab has been set up for education and therapy purposes. A new set of garden furniture, wooden benches and rocking chairs replaced some of the old and torn benches. Those are very important for the handicapped women, who spend most of the day outdoors sitting in the garden.

A new set of PCs contributed to renewing the outdated computer lab at the children’s home “Irgalmas Samaritánus”. One of the purposes of the new computers is that the home can create its own website for advertisement and self-promotion in order to raise funds and to sell the inhabitants’ own products more effectively. The orphanage was also provided with new bed clothing and with important groceries, food and cleaning materials for the house.

The orphanages did not only receive some important material help but also – essential and extremely important – did receive affection and friendship from the local Lyoness Community.

“Help without borders” is a great example of the power and support of the Lyoness Community and shows the willingness and social engagement of the Members.

Project Goals

The project goal involves more than the purchasing of basic goods for the three institutions. It aims at a close collaboration between the Lyoness Members and Loyalty Merchants of the area and the orphanages. Furthermore, they should get to know each other and their situation better in order to propose and plan sustainable projects in the near future as well as support which will improve the living and educational conditions.

Special thanks to:
- Laszlo Nagy and Janos Mester and their Lyoness Teams in Hungary
- Our Educational Sponsors

Project Title

Help Without Borders

Project Location

Nagydobrony, Ukraine Nyíregyháza, Hungary Székelyhíd, Romania

Project Period

May – July 2014


All of the beneficiaries of the three institutions are orphans. There are 20 orphan boys and girls between 2 and 14 at “Jézus Gyermek Otthon” children’s home. In “Magdaléneum” nursing home for people with disabilities live almost 100 disabled women of all ages who are also orphans and in the children’s home “Irgalmas Samaritánus” there are approx. 80 orphan girls between 2 and 19.

Project Partner

Jesus Children’s Home (Gyermek Jézus Otthon) is part of the Dévai St. Ferenc (St. Francis Foundation). The main guidelines of the foundation have to do with: a) representing the interests of children and promoting their intellectual and social development, b) protecting their social, traditional and educational values, c) providing them with education, vocational training, and job opportunities. The St. Francis Foundation was established in 2002 (registered in Hungary), and primarily maintains child protection institutions, schools, kindergartens, and day-care homes.

“Magdaléneum” nursing home for people with special needs is a residential building for orphan women who have physical or mental impairments. Under a doctor’s supervision, these women receive basic health care, support and a recreational and educational platform. Only a few of them enjoy visits of relatives and friends, while most of them are left alone without families.

The children’s home “Irgalmas Samaritánus” is a home for girls at the western border of Ukraine. There, the girls learn gardening, animal husbandry, trade, bakery, cooking and other trades. They grow their own vegetables and sell dairy products and pastries to cover the costs of the house and their education. Recently, the political situation in the country has undermined the financial sources of the institution.