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Teaser Photo A Project with a Heart - Toys Help Children to Grow

Early support for children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities

Project Description

The organisation Raná péče EDA cares for more than 210 families, who face great difficulties: one of their children is severely restricted by a visual impairment or multiple disabilities. The aim of the organisation is to enable the parents or the legal guardians to bring up their children in its safe environment and thereby support their development, enabling them to make use of their abilities, skills and talents to the greatest extent possible.

The support offered includes onsite help for the families, outpatient consultations at the centre, hiring of special therapeutic toys, aids and books, assistance with selecting pre-schools, training of employees at educational and rehabilitation centres as well as providing the parents and qualified staff with basic advice and seminars in social law.

The main part of the care provided is visits to each family. Because those affected are children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities, therapeutic games are an extremely important part of the therapy. A toy serves as a motivational aid on the one hand, and on the other, it supports a child's natural development.
Before each visit, the counsellor decides which toy is most suitable for the child and takes it along for the home visit. The games and importance of the exercises is discussed with the family members. Afterwards, the toy is left with the parents until the counsellor's next visit. This ensures that the child can continue to practice, together with their family.

Around 3,000 special toys are lent out each year, and this supports the families and affected individuals as they are unable to afford these aids themselves due to their financial situation.
When the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association first came into contact with the organisation, they were impressed by its work and the entire team. When it was discovered that not only the rental system of toys, special toys and other aids, but also the storage system urgently needed to be renovated, updated and improved to continue to provide the same level of quality in the future, the Lyoness Child & Family Europe Association decided to help.

The aim was to increase the choice of toys on offer, to replace a lot of old items and to improve and renovate the storage room, in order to guarantee the quality of the therapy offered over the next few years, and to ensure that the children develop as much as possible, and to enable even more children to benefit from this offer.

Project Goals

- The goal of this project is to increase and renew the stock of special therapeutic aids and toys. This includes the following items: aids for developing visual perception, toys for analysing visual ability, toys and aids for developing sensory functions, audio equipment for developing hearing and orientation, support pillows, toys and aids for developing the sense of touch, movement, fine motor skills and self-care.

- Expansion and renovation of the storage room and storage system.

Project Title

A Project with a Heart - Toys Help Children to Grow

Project Location

Prague, Czech Republic

Project Period

November 2014 - July 2015


Approximately 210 families with children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities, up to the age of seven years old. Almost 90% of the beneficiaries have multiple disabilities.