Sia Shimbwe Primary School

Teaser Photo

Project Evaluation

On the outskirts of the city of Moshi, Martina and Alejandro travelled through the hills along a dusty road and came to a halt in the middle of the jungle.  A scenic route which gave them an excellent view of Mount Kilimanjaro on the horizon.
However, the school proved less scenic.  The “Schimbwe Sia school” has room for 250 pupils – with one kindergarten class and 7 classes in the primary school. Just as with the Chini School, which they also visited, the school is in urgent need of renovation.

Our project managers brought a football with them as a gift for the children, which they greatly appreciated and simply wouldn’t stop playing with.
With our partner, C-re-AID, who specialise in local sustainable constructions, we are beginning to develop an approach towards rebuilding the school so as to provide the children with a safe and beneficial learning environment.