Nelson Mandela School, South Africa

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Celebratory school dedication as part of our long-term support

Since the rebuild of the school in 2013, we have been supporting the Nelson Mandela No-Moscow Primary School in Qunu, South Africa. However, this has only been possible thanks to the support from our dedicated donators. It therefore made it even more special that we were able to dedicate this school to one of our long-term supporters.

Excitement about the VIP visit
For several days, 236 students and all their teachers excitedly awaited the arrival of the visitors from, what are to them, completely foreign countries. They rehearsed performances and couldn't wait to meet the people who make it possible for them to attend the Nelson Mandela No-Moscow Primary School every day.

A day of celebration in South Africa
70 members of the Lyconet Community travelled to South Africa to take part in the celebration and to see the school project in person. Even the owner of the myWorld group of companies, Hubert Freidl himself, flew to South Africa to visit the school again and to present the school dedication. Together with Nelson Mandela's family, Hubert was also heavily involved with the opening of the school back in 2013.

With moving tributes of thanks in a heart-warming ceremony, the Foundation's Director, Nina Passegger, the school Director, Lindile Matyumza and the owner of the myWorld group of companies, Hubert Freidl, dedicated the school to one of the school's most dedicated supporters, Gerry Seebacher, of the Lyconet Community Presidents' Team. As part of the celebration, the individual classrooms were also dedicated to members of the Teams headed up by Helmut Freydl, Walter Seebacher, Albert Weiglhofer and the #BCR Team.

The visitors were given a tour of the school to show them why their help is needed so urgently, and the areas in which their donations have already been put to use. The children then gave dancing and singing performances, which they had rehearsed for the occasion.

To donate and provide help is a fantastic feeling. To be able to actually see in person what your donations have helped to achieve is even better. Visibly moved, Gerry Seebacher described his visit as "the most incredible day of this life"

Gifts for the students
The children of the Qunu region are extremely lucky to have the possibility to attend school, but it's not without it's problems. All too often, the families are unable to provide the children with the items they need to attend school. In order to ensure that the students have everything they need for the next school year, and to enable them to study without having to worry, each of the 236 children was given a school bag, filled with school materials.

Today would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th Birthday.

We were very lucky to meet Nelson Mandela and are honoured to have implemented a project with himself and his family:

It’s already been 6 years since we became aware of No-Moscow Primary school situation – a school, which is located in the home town of the former South African president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nelson Mandela.

A project that has faced many ups and downs, as the school often fell victim to natural disasters.

In keeping with Nelson Mandela's vision of promoting education in the country, the Child & Family Foundation committed to this project in 2012 and started building a new school in Qunu.

After the school opened in 2013, it was unfortunately destroyed in a severe storm in 2016. We supported the rebuilding and have since been involved in ongoing maintenance activities and are happy to say that the school can now operate without a hitch.

The second project phase included the following tasks:

The second project phase included the following tasks:
• Demolition and disposal of damaged structures
• Repair of the sanitary facilities of the Kindergarten and Primary Section
• Repair of three damaged class rooms in the Primary Section as well as the sickroom and the principal's office
• Manufacture and construction of a new fence for the playground
• Implementation of electrical installations
• Installation of a new wastewater system
• Paint works on the newly constructed class rooms

It was also important to Afripanel to ensure that the school was a safe environment for children to study in. The following tasks were therefore also implemented at their own expense:
1) Auditing all light switches and power outlets in the entire school
2) Repair of skirting boards and panels in the parts of the school that were not damaged by the storm
3) Maintenance of the water pump and filter system
4) Paint works on the entire school
5) Installation of an electrical fence at the entrance gate - for security reasons

All repair and maintenance works were concluded on 27 November 2016. We would like to thank Afripanel and QRO Projects (Quinton O'Neill) for their excellent and professional work on site.

The following safety measures for the building were developed in collaboration with the school administration:
1) An on-site member of the community was tasked with informing the school administration of any maintenance issues.
2) In future, the school will be equipped with security lighting and surveillance cameras, in order to prevent any wilful damages. A security guard was also hired for the school.
3) The school received a tailor-made insurance package.

We are extremely pleased that the students of the No-Moscow Primary School once again have a satisfactory learning environment which will allow them to continue in their studies.