Nelson Mandela School, South Africa

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The opening of the new Nelson Mandela No-Moscow Primary School

A cooperative project of the Child & Family Foundation and the Child & Family South Africa

School dedication: Gerald Seebacher
We thank you in the  name of the beneficiaries for your commitment  and your relentless dedication to this school

Project Description

The Qunu village can be found on South Africa’s Eastern Cape, just off the N2 national road, and a three hour drive from East London. In the past, the village already attracted lots of attention for being the home town of the former South African president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela.

Despite the village’s notoriety, many of its inhabitants live in poverty. Many years the local children werer given lessons at the No-Moscow Primary school under extremely difficult conditions.

Most of the school buildings were in very bad conditions. In some areas there was danger of collapse therefor the students from seven different grades have been forced to share very limited space in the highly dilapidated classrooms. Two school grades with 50 - 60 children were taught together in one classroom. This was a very difficult situation for teachers and students alike. Broken windows and roof structure, cracked walls and the lack of furniture made everyday school life very difficult.

Project Goals

The Child & Family Foundation became aware of this school's situation through a personal contact of the Nelson Mandela family. In keeping with Nelson Mandela's vision of promoting education in the country, the CFF committed to this project in 2012 and set the goal of building a new school in Qunu.

Concrete Implementation

In nine months the school has been planned and rebuilt. The CFF provided seven new classrooms, a nursery, modern bathrooms, a conference room, IT-room, library, kitchen, an arts and crafts room, a playground and soccer field and new learning materials.

After 7 months of preparation and planning and just 2 months construction the new school was built. To avoid as much disruption as possible during the construction period, the children werer taught in the old school building, which was demolished just 5 days before the opening of the new school.

School opening on the 15th of March 2013
The opening of the new school was celebrated on the 15th of March . Luvuyo Hlanganani Mandela, Nelson Mandela's great-grandson, celebrated the opening together with Hubert Freidl, Nina Passegger, Gerhard Buckholz, many Cashback World Members and the Qunu community. The children's faces lit up as they saw the new school and learning materials, leaving a lasting impression on all those present.

The new school is dedicated to the former president and nobel laureate Dr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Citation Nelson Mandela to Lyoness.TV: “Education is important. If you are not educated you cannot be a leader.”

Special thank you
A very special thank you to Dagmar Wessel-Saue and Ercin Filizli for their generous support of this project.

30 South African Cashback World Members also volunteered to help complete the project. They traveled 18 hours by bus from Johannesburg to Qunu, to assist with the completion of the project and preparation for the opening.

The CFF would also like to thank the Qunu community for their support on site during construction work. 

A special thanks to the Child & Family South Africa project managers: Stefan Buckholz, Nkosingiphile Mkhwane and Quinton O'Neill.

Project Title

Construction of the Nelson Mandela No-Moscow Primary School

Project Location

Qunu, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Project Period

July 2012 – March 2013

Child & Family South Africa


228 students, 6 teachers and two interns
Community of Qunu

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