South Africa II

Teaser Photo The Nelson Mandela International Day was launched in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s birthday which is on 18th July. The late Dr Nelson Mandela dedicated 67 years of his life to the struggle for social justice. This is why the International Nelson Mandela Day has since been known and labelled as “67 minutes for Mandela”. The idea of “67 minutes for Mandela” is to encourage people to spend 67 minutes to make an impact and make the world around them a better place for the less fortunate.

Project Description

Dedicated to this special day, the Lyoness Child & Family South Africa Foundation has created its own “Share to care blanket run and food” initiative. In the course of this initiative, Lyoness Members in South Africa donate blankets and non-perishable food and also make monetary donations before 18th July of each year for socially disadvantaged children to make a difference to the abandoned children’s lives.
On 18th July Lyoness Members and employees together visited “Cotlands centre for the abandoned children” in Johannesburg and two centres in Cape Town, namely, “Al Noor Orphanage Centre” and “Little Angels place of safety for children” to hand over the donated goods to the children.

Nelson Mandela once said “Together as a nation, we have the obligation to put sunshine into the hearts of our little ones. They are our precious possessions. They deserve what happiness life can offer.” This is exactly what the CFF and the Lyoness Community stand for: creating better future perspectives for people across cultural and ethnic boundaries.

Project Goals

The goal was to support different social institutions by providing food, blankets and different types of goods intended to make a small difference in the lives of the children.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank all our Members for their continued support, for participating in this initiative and for making it a successful one through their donations and shopping. We would also like to encourage our Cashback World Members to actively support our projects by becoming Educational Sponsors.

Project Title

Charity Activity on the Nelson Mandela International Day

Project Location

Johannesburg, Cape Town – South Africa

Project Period

18th July 2014


Children of “Cotlands centre for the abandoned children” in Johannesburg, “Al Noor Orphanage Centre” and “Little Angels place of safety for children” in Cape Town