A playful day! Angel for a day Mexico

Teaser Photo Camaraderie and fun are the perfect antidote to combat negative experiences.

Project Description

For this reason, numerous volunteers from the myWorld Community from Mexico City came together on 15 December 2017 to grant 31 children between the ages of two and ten from the Fundación Quinta Carmelita a very special day.
The organisation looks after children who come from problematic family backgrounds. During the course of the "Angel for a Day" event, the children received great presents and the facility was equipped with five brand new computers. The children relished playing, drawing and having a carefree day with the voluntary helpers.

Project Goals

Goals of these Angel for a Day events was to create a day full of joy and fun for the kids, who are otherwise facing several challenges in life.

Project Title

An exciting day for children who have been struck by misfortune

Project Location

Mexiko City, Mexiko

Project Period

October 2017- Dezember 2017


31 children between the ages of two and ten