Teaser Photo Improving the quality of life of people with disabilities

A cooperative project of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and the Medobčinsko društvo Sožitje Maribor Organization

Project Description

Medobčinsko društvo Sožitje Maribor is a non-profit organisation for mentally challenged people, their parents, professionals and sponsors. Its mission is to provide a fulfilling and pleasant life for children and adults with disabilities, based on values of equality, independence and equal opportunities.

The goal of this initiative is to facilitate the achievement of the highest level of independence for the disabled people. They can work, for example, in cabinetmaker’s, textile and art workshops being integrated into the work environment and its processes. The organisation managed to foster the individual abilities of the people and enabled them to lead a fulfilling life.

Through the support of the Lyoness Child and Family foundation with the acquisition of improved learning and working aids, the development of mental and physical abilities could have been fostered and the work of the disabled people could have been facilitated.

Project Goals

With the support of the Lyoness Child and Family Foundation, new learning and work materials were acquired: a computer with special software and adapted screen, special mouse and keyboard. Also a pyrography set and a rechargeable driller for the carpenter work station and a sewing machine for the textile work station were purchased.

By means of these learning and work aids, mentally challenged people were enabled to acquire and maintain up-to-date knowledge and computer skills as well as to develop a better space orientation and distance estimation aptitude. Further, physical and motoric abilities in order to improve work practices in the three work stations with integrated learning modules were fostered.

Project Title

Fostering the intellectual and physical abilities of citizens with special needs in Slovenia

Project Location

Maribor, Slovenia

Project Period

November 2010 – June 2011


28 citizens of Maribor and surroundings – mentally and physically challenged

Project Partner

Medobčinsko društvoSožitje Maribor Organization