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Teaser Photo Education as a bridge to a new life 2 – Support for the Centrum Dorka in Košice

Project Description

The education and care centre Dorka in Košice is a point of contact for families in need, single mothers and their children, as well as for orphans. The organisation supports them by offering accommodation, childcare and various education possibilities. The goal is to enable single mothers, young parents and adolescents to live an independent life.

The programme is based on a 3 stage model: The Homework Club offers tutoring and intensive learning to improve the children’s school performance. The “Getting Ahead Group Workshops” for single mothers are intended to help them visualise their goals and to plan their next steps in life. The third part involves improving the level of education of the mothers, young parents and adolescents. Through various services, the mothers should be able to get back onto the career ladder or have the possibility to get back to school and achieve entrance qualifications for higher education.

Due to the successful introduction of the 3 stage model thanks to the support of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation over the last year, the cooperation with the Centrum Dorka has been extended and made more complex.
In addition, for those living in Centrum Dorka, there are now also cooking courses and computer courses available to enable each person to be independent and have better opportunities in their professional life.

Project Goals

To enable independence, to improve the general situation with regards to further education, career opportunities, the ability to create a home and to improve their opportunities through education

Project Title

Education as a bridge to a new life 2 – Support for the Centrum Dorka in Košice

Project Location

Košice, Slovakia

Project Period

June 2011 - August 2012

Project Partner

Dorka Centrum pre obnovu rodiny