Slovakia II

Teaser Photo Education as a bridge to a new life

A cooperative project between the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and Centrum Dorka

Project Description

At the beginning of September 2010, the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation, together with the Centrum Dorka – Centrum pre obnovu rodiny in Košice (Slovakia), started the project “Education as a bridge to a new life”. The education and support centre is a contact point for families in need, single mothers and their children. Apart from offering accommodation to the families, the organisation also offers childcare and various education and further training opportunities for adults and children.

Dorka is developing a 3 level education model for the centre that was supported by the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation from September 2010.

Project Goals

Through handicraft, art and language courses for children, as well as intensive private tutoring in the so-called Homework Club, the abilities and school performance of the children will be encouraged. In addition, the single mothers also have the chance through various education offers to start a successful career.

Project Title

Education as a bridge to a new life

Project Location

Košice, Slovakia

Project Period

September 2010 – September 2011


30 children, adolescents and single mothers in Centrum Dorka

Project Partner

Dorka – Centrum pre obnovu rodiny


Due to the contribution of the Child & Family Foundation, many students and social workers could be won to provide tutoring and care for the children in the afternoon. In addition to the Homework Club for the children, also educational counselling hours for the single mothers, as well as training opportunities have been established to allow the mothers with their children to step into an independent life.