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Teaser Photo Dancing as a Therapy – Disabled dancers compete in the Dance World Championships

A cooperative project of Dance Club Danube in Bratislava and the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation

Project Description

Every year, the Dance Club Danube from Bratislava takes part in the Dance World Championships. The mixed couples each consist of a disabled and a non-disabled participant. In the year 2009, the Dance Club Danube had the chance to send couples to two World Championships (Cuijk and Rheinsberg). The participants were divided into beginners and advanced classes. Taking part in these competitions means high costs for the disabled participants, mainly because of their transport requirements. In order to ensure that those couples could participate under the required conditions, entry fees, accommodation, transport, catering and medical staff (trainers, massage therapists, physiotherapists) had to be provided.

Alternative dance therapy helps disabled people to be better integrated into social and professional environments. Self-assertion and self-confidence are thus strengthened. Mixed couples also promote professional integration and communication. The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation is making efforts to raise awareness and to promote acceptance. This project demonstrates nicely how the quality of life can be improved for disabled people and how their prospects can be enhanced by implementing an alternative therapy approach and getting real support from the community in which we are all living.

Project Goals

Integration of disabled people, applying alternative therapy approaches concerning motor and dancing skills (music and art therapies), improving their integration into the community, supporting a successful participation of six couples in the Dance World Championships.

Project Title

Disabled dancers compete in the Dance World Championships

Project Location

Bratislava, Slovakia

Project Period

March – August 2009


50 dancers including 25 disabled dancers

Project Partner

ARS Integra, Tanz Club Danube, BA


The results of the competition showed that the extensive preparatory work, the dancers’ training and the support of the Child & Family Foundation were worthwhile. The couples were able to achieve a first, a second and two third places.

The couples of Dance Club Danube proudly can look back on successful World Champion-ships. The support of the Child & Family Foundation attracted very much attention in Slova-kia, and the commitment was rewarded by being awarded the "golden heart" for the best charity project in 2009 in Slovakia.