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Teaser Photo 5 Days of Hope – Retreat possibility for families with disabled children

A cooperative project of One Step Forward und the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation

Project Description

In April 2011, the organization One Step Forward, a non-profit organisation in the area of humanitarian help for children with disabilities in Serbia, in cooperation with the organisation Joni and Friends International Disability Center prepared a relaxation and retreat opportunity named 5 Days of Hope for families with disabled children in Serbia.

Twenty families participated in this relaxation journey. Volunteer caretakers from Serbia and the USA took care of the children in order to provide the parents with a small break. Taking care of the children involved several activities: entertainment (games, clowns, music, and karaoke) and sports (swimming, walks, and excursions). Additionally to taking care of the children there were also professional special care workers and doctors present, who offered the parents moral support, tips for supporting the everyday life of children with disabilities and advice and information for different types of disabilities.

Project Goals

The goal was to provide families with disabled children with much needed relaxation from the efforts and challenges of their daily life in a hotel in the outskirts of Belgrade. Of course, care was provided for all the children.

The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation supported this project with welcome packages for the children. These packages contained t-shirts, caps, and writing pads by the Lyoness Foundation as well as sweets and toys.

Project Title

5 Days of Hope – Retreat possibility for families with disabled children

Project Location

Kovacica, Serbia

Project Period

April 2011


20 families with mentally and physically challenged children

Project Partner

One Step Forward (Korak Dalje)
Joni and Friends International Disability Center