Santa Clause at orphanage, Greece III

Teaser Photo Orphans in particular do not have an easy time during Christmas, which is why the team at the Lyoness regional office in Greece wanted to gift such children a slightly different Christmas celebration.

Project Description

The Shopping Community's initiated fundraiser was a huge success. Over €200 were raised for the children at the orphanage Arsis in Thessaloniki. On 19 September 2017, the children were ceremoniously presented with the donations in the form of vouchers from the Loyalty Merchant AB Vasilopoulos. Furthermore, they also received two computers that were sponsored by the Lyoness employees in Greece. It is such actions that let the children know that they are never truly alone and that Christmas is the time for compassion and for helping those in need.

Project Goals

Goals of these Angel for a Day events was to create a day full of joy for the kids, who are otherwise facing several challenges in life.

Project Title

Fundraiser for orphans in the Thessaloniki

Project Location

Thessaloniki, Greece

Project Period

November 2017-December 2017


14 children between the ages of five and eighteen

Project Partner

Orphanage Arsis Thessaloniki