Romania III

Teaser Photo Preparation for Life – Community, Integration and Independence on Four Wheels

A cooperative project between the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and the Special School Nr. 2

Project Description

Special School Nr. 2 is a centre for 6 Special Schools in Prahova county in Romania. The students have mental challenges such as Down syndrome, Autism, ADHS and other psychological disorders. Special School Nr. 2’s education programme includes acquiring appropriate abilities to enable partial independent management of everyday life. In a training kitchen, the students learn everyday tasks and processes for cooking and household management, to prepare them for being better integrated into the community and for life.

Since 2003, Special School Nr. 2 has been working together with the Special Olympics Organisation in Romania. Through this cooperation, the topic of sports for disabled people has become a central focal point in the school and, in the last few years, the students have also achieved remarkable results at Special Olympics Sports Events. However, for a long time, Special School Nr. 2 has had major difficulties in bringing the students to the sports events and to various other outdoor activities.

Project Goals

The goal was to equip the training kitchen with furniture and necessary electrical goods. The purpose of this training kitchen is to teach the disabled children and adolescents how to be as independent as possible as well as basic knowledge about cooking and household management, and to strengthen the community at the same time (Autonomy, independence, running their own household, encouraging the ability to work and to learn).

Also a minibus was provided for Special School Nr. 2 to bring the children and adolescents to activities which are part of their education, as well as to leisure activities and sports events. Being able to take part in these external activities will support the students in their integration into the community.

Project Title

Preparation for Life – Community, Integration and Independence on Four Wheels – Providing a training kitchen and a minibus for Special School Nr. 2

Project Location

Ploiesti, Romania

Project Period

April – December 2011


80 children and adolescents aged between 5 and 18 years from Special School Nr. 2. The children are mentally challenged (Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHS and other psychological disorders).

Project Partner

Special School Nr. 2