Republic of Mazedonia I

Teaser Photo Renovation of Elementary school "Goce Delchev"

A cooperative project of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and Goce Delchev Elementary School

Project Description

The primary school was built in 1924 and thus is one of the oldest schools in the Republic of Mazedonia. It is attended by pupils from the villages Ljubanci and Ljuboten and by boarding students from Skopje. The last renovation works were made in 1950 which means that it urgently required renovation.

Renovations and equipment:
- new windows
- doors
- roof repair
- providing studying materials
- providing kitchen appliances
- providing office equipment

Project Goals

By renovating the building and providing equipment through the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation a better and more secure work and study atmosphere was created so that everybody can feel comfortable and work efficiently.

As planned the school was reopened on October, 15th, after the modernisation works. The CFF, the school staff, the major and all the pupils were on spot and enjoyed the cheerful reopening ceremony.

Project Title

Renovation of Elementary school "Goce Delchev"

Project Location

Ljubanci Skopje, Republic of Mazedonia

Project Period

May 2013 - October 2013


122 pupils and 26 employees of the Elementary School

Project Partner

Goce Delchev Elementary School