Portugal II

Teaser Photo Renovation of an emergency shelter in Portugal for 17 children in need.

Project Description

The social organisation "Ajuda de Berço“ runs two emergency shelters for children in need. One of these shelters looks after children between the ages of three and ten, who can no longer stay with their families due to violence, abuse, neglect or lack of financial resources. The organisation offers the children a temporary new home. Creating a family atmosphere is no easy task for the carers. Nevertheless, they do everything they can to create an environment that allows the children to develop.

Loving care is not the only thing these children need in order to feel secure. The infrastructure and the place in which the children grow up should also be both appealing and child-friendly. When the Lyoness and Lyconet Community in Portugal approached the CFF and informed them of the dire state of the emergency shelter it was decided that this situation should be addressed on site.
After inspecting the building, the emergency shelter and the CFF decided which rooms were most in need of renovation. The Community in Portugal instantly offered their help in order to implement this project in the best possible way. The Lyconet Marketer Duarte Saldanha and his team immediately started a fundraising campaign and was therefore able to support the project with a substantial donation.

With the help of the Community the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the foyer, the playroom and the parents room underwent extensive renovations. The renovation was completed in November and numerous Community Members were there for the completion of the project.
On behalf of the children we would like to thank Duarte Saldanha's team, all volunteers and Educational Sponsors, Lyoness Loyalty Merchant Enigplaza, which carried out the renovation, and Lyoness Portugal including Carlos Dias and Fernando Grave for the implementation of this fantastic project.

Project Goals

The aim of this project was to renovate and redesign the rooms of the "Ajuda de Berço" emergency shelter, thereby securing better living conditions and quality of life for the 17 children currently residing there.

Project Title

Renovation of an emergency shelter in Portugal for 17 children in need.

Project Location

Lisbon, Portugal

Project Period

18 June – 16 November 2015


17 children who cannot live with their parents for various reasons including domestic violence. The children are temporarily housed in the shelter. After the implementation of appropriate measures on behalf of the parents and under the surveillance of youth welfare, the children are either returned to their parents' care, taken in by foster families, or receive long-term accommodation at children's shelters.