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Teaser Photo School supplies and clothing for the children’s home Wola Gałęzowska
A cooperative project of the children’s home Wola Gałęzowska, Lyoness Poland and the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation

Project Description

The children’s home in Wola Gałęzowska in eastern Poland provides a shelter, protection and assistance to 47 orphans. After the summer vacation and just before the new school year begins, several school supplies, clothing, learning materials, toiletries, and also food are still needed.

In 2012 as well, the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation together with Lyoness Poland supported the children’s home in Wola Gałęzowska with the purchase of much needed supplies in order to provide the children with a happy start to the new school year.

The purchase of new school supplies is particularly important so the children don’t feel at a disadvantage relative to their other classmates.

Project Goals

Promoting the self-esteem and providing immediate aid through the donation of much needed household items, toiletries and school supplies.

Project Title

School supplies and clothing for the children’s home in Wola Gałęzowska

Project Location

Wola Gałęzowska, Poland

Project Period

September to October 2012


47 children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 years old

Project Partner

Children’s home in Wola Gałęzowska