Poland IV

Teaser Photo Donation of PCs, household items and clothing to the educational and care institution RAZEM in Gorlice
A cooperative project of the RAZEM, Lyoness Poland and the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation

Project Description

The young people of the educational and care institution RAZEM in Gorlice are divided in three groups and live in three separate apartments. As with a family, the young people who live in these apartments learn how to take care of the household, how to manage the household budget, prepare food and how to perform regular household tasks. This way, they learn how to be independent and to take on responsibility.

With the support of Lyoness Poland and the Child & Family Foundation, the young people received three new PCs as a learning aid and further training tool as well as urgently needed household items such as bed sheets, pots, cutlery, dishes, toiletries, Lyoness School Starter Kits, t-shirts, sports goods and clothing.

Project Goals

The young people that live in the apartments learn to take on responsibility and to manage their own households. Increased social skills and independence are also promoted. With the materials already made available by Lyoness Poland and the CFF, the development of these skills will be supported. The acquisition of PCs will enable the socially vulnerable youth to use modern media as a support to their education and training.

Project Title

Donation of computers, household items and clothing for the educational and care institution RAZEM in Gorlice

Project Location

Gorlice, Poland

Project Period

September to October 2012


31 young people aged 8 to 20 years old
12 girls and 19 boys

Project Partner

Children’s Home Gorlice