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A cooperative project of Lyoness Poland and the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation

Project Description

Because of the flood situation in the summer of 2010, the city of Bogatynia was cut off from the outside world for ten weeks. Many families lost all their belongings. Lyoness Poland, together with its Business Partners, and their children created parcels and filled them with urgently needed items such as clothing, shoes and teaching materials. Together, the relief team visited two schools in Bogatynia and distributed the parcels. In addition, buses were organised to take students from their emergency living quarters to the school and back again, until they could move back into their homes.

Project Goals

Support for families and children in need, providing new clothing and teaching materials, bus transfers for the students, new office supplies and support for the renovation of the schools.
It was ensured that the two schools could be re-opened as soon as possible and that students were provided with basic learning materials.

Project Title

Children help Children

Project Location

Bogatynia, Poland

Project Period

September 2010


Children, adolescents and families in need in Bogatynia – flood area Poland

Project Partner

Lyoness Poland Sp. z o.o