M.O.O. Orphanage & School, Zanzibar

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A productive project visit - intensive and effective work on the spice island of Zanzibar

The CFF Project Managers, Alejandro Najera and Martina Thaller, met the major donor and Lyconet Marketer, Sanna Soini, who is the owner and co-founder of the institution, Suzana Maziku, as well as several team members and the founder of the implementation partners onsite, the Creaid Organisation, on Zanzibar. The goal of the meeting was to discuss relevant questions regarding the future plans of the orphanage and the school and to clarify how to go forward from this point.

As the progress reports written up by the project partners onsite, who are currently in the planning phase, are very important in order to identify the requirements of the project in a timely fashion, meaning no time can be lost in the process and so intensive discussions were started shortly after the team arrived at the international airport in Zanzibar.

Later on during the project visit, further plans were discussed for the future orientation of the project and the construction.
In order to create a safe and adequate living and learning environment for the children and teenagers who belong to the Montessori Orphans Organisation, not only must a solution for the currently predominant and acute lack of space be found but also for the condition in which the school is in.

Thanks to the impressions, responses and realisations as well as the plans drawn up, it is now also possible to continue work on the project effectively from a distance in order to be able to put the project in action as quickly as possible.

Education in Zanzibar

Basic education in Zanzibar comprises seven years of primary school as well as an additional three years of secondary school education. The first year of this phase is spent focusing on languages and mathematics so that the children can orientate themselves.

The first step of a new project - a project trip for the purpose of performing an inventory

In July 2018, our two project employees set off for Zanzibar to get an idea of the circumstances on site and to plan further steps.  Meeting project partners and collaborative partners was also part of the program.
After performing the inventory, the Child & Family Foundation Team, were able to start planning their application for planning permission with the architects' help.