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Lyoness Children Flying Day 2012

A project of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation in cooperation with several social institutions.

Project Description

The Children Flight Day in Hohenems inspired the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association to organise their own Children Flight Day in Graz offering children and teenagers from different Styrian social institutions the chance to spend a carefree day and to enjoy a short sightseeing flight over Graz. In addition to the sightseeing flights, an extensive frame programme has been organised.

Project Goals

The event’s goal was to provide children and teenagers in difficult social or psychological situations with some time off and to show them the world in a different way by offering the perspective from above.

Project Title

First Lyoness Children Flying Day

Project Location

Thalerhof airport in Graz, glider area

Project Period

23rd June 2012


More than 200 children and teenagers

Project Partner

Different Styrian social institutions, Thalerhof airport in Graz