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Teaser Photo We need to be strong – prevention work against child abuse

A cooperative project of the HAPPY KIDS Association and the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation

Project Description

Preventing violence is one of the foremost aims of the HAPPY KIDS Association located in Vienna. Strengthening self-confidence and finding personal resources form the basis for the successful prevention of violence. The “Happy Kids, We need to be strong” courses, workshops and lectures offered by the Association are designed to strengthen and to raise awareness. They were especially developed to prevent psychological and physical assaults. The Association, together with the Lyoness Child and Family Foundation, has managed to teach violence prevention to children and adults by having taught eight more trainers to give these workshops at nursery schools (kindergarten), primary schools and youth centres.

The trainees took part in several workshops and self-assertion-courses with trained co-trainers. The costs for training units, accommodation and meals, as well as for teaching material were covered by the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation.

Project Goals

As many children as possible should have access to the “We need to be strong” programmes. Based on their age group, children at nursery and primary schools can learn how to deal with violence as well as how to get help. This knowledge will help them to avoid and/or master situations which otherwise would often result in a life-long trauma. Through the training of eight new coaches in the programme "We need to be strong" many children could be informed about violence prevention.

Project Title

We need to be strong – Prevention work against child abuse

Project Location

Vienna, Austria

Project Period

June 2009 – September 2010


Kindergarten and primary school children as well as adolescents; also people from their social surroundings such as their family, school or kindergarten

Project Partner