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Teaser Photo "Aktion Lernhaus – Working together to prevent violence and encourage exercise"

A project cooperation between the Lyoness Child & Family Europe Association, the Austrian Red Cross and the Lyoness Cashback AG.

Project Description

Together with Vienna's first “Lernhaus” (lit. House of learning) which was set up through a social project carried out by the Red Cross and the “Verein Kurier Aid Austria” (Kurier Aid Austria Association), the Lyoness Child & Family Europe Association has started a great education project for adolescents, with the support of Cashback AG. Courses to encourage exercise and workshops to prevent violence were jointly coordinated and implemented.

Project Goals

The aim of the project is to provide the 35 adolescents at the “Lernhaus” with a violence prevention workshop (3 courses, each lasting 4 hours, with approx. 12 people per course), and 25 children with an exercise and dance course over a period of 8 weeks (1 hour per week).

The Violence Prevention Workshop should help teach socially deprived adolescents how to recognize and cope with various acts of violence, and ideally, for them to report assaults as quickly as possible. These prevention methods should help to avoid future situations of conflict and violence.

In the Exercise and Dance Course the children and adolescents can get to learn about a variety of dances, their bodies, their motor skills as well as finding out how much fun exercise can be. Exercise and dancing should show them an alternative way of how they can spend their free time and to help them become aware of their health.

Project Title

"Aktion Lernhaus – Working together to prevent violence and encourage exercise"

Project Location

Vienna, Austria

Project Period

January - March 2014


60 children from the “Lernhaus” in Vienna. The “Lernhaus” is a contact point for socially deprived children and adolescents between the age of 6 and 15.
The children and adolescents at the “Lernhaus” mostly have German as a second language, and/or perform poorly in some subjects, and/or do not receive the equipment and support from their parents, which are necessary for them to complete a normal day at school.

Project Partner

Austrian Red Cross