Amina Zwindila School, Nigeria II

Teaser Photo Saving a child today

A cooperative project of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and the Amina Zwindila Foundation.

School dedication: Andreas Galler
We thank you in the  name of the beneficiaries for your commitment  and your relentless dedication to this school

Project Description

Nigeria, by far the most populous African country, is working on its democratisation and economic development after years of military dictatorship. Ethnic conflicts between the Muslim north and the Christian/Animist south are causing extreme shortage when it comes to education. The government does not guarantee that state/public schools can be attended.
Because of these circumstances Amina Zwindila felt the need to act. She initiated a private school project in order to create free access to education for poor children and children in need of protection. She started with a nursery group with 5 children and was able to apply for a school license after 2 years.

Project Goals

Because of the Child & Family Foundation’s support the following project goals could have been defined and their implementation has already begun: Current costs for running the school, teachers, food, electricity, water and educational material can be covered. Thus, daily lessons for the current 256 children can be guaranteed.

Concrete Implementation

The cooperation with the Amina Zwindila Foundation School started in 2011. The school was attended by 79 students at that time and was initially supported in the running costs of the school operations. In the following years, the school project was gradually expanded. There were missing education materials replaced, furniture renewed and expanded, new teachers set up, and a small feeding program for the nursery school children installed. At present, the Amina Zwindila Foundation School comprises 256 students from Jos and Jos environment.

Project Title

Saving a child today

Project Location

Jos, Nigeria

Project Period

January 2012 – ongoing


256 children from the city Jos and the surrounding area

Project Partner

Amina Zwindila Foundation, for orphans and the less privileged

Current Status
At the beginning of 2016, thanks to a generous donation to the CFF, the school building of the Amina Zwindila Foundation School, which had previously been rented, could be purchased. Furthermore, an extensive renovation was carried out on the two buildings. A safety wall and a well at the school ground could be erected.

Details about the project can be found under the tab "Project status"