New Year 2019

Teaser Photo Do you already have your New Year's resolution?

New Year's resolutions are often quickly made and quickly forgotten. Perhaps this year could be different. Instead of flaking on yourself, why not do a good deed for somebody else? It will make you a better person and will grant others a better life: a happy New Year for all!

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Self-centredness with a bitter aftertaste
New Year's resolutions often revolve around oneself. The focus mainly lies on a "negative" habit, such as to quit smoking, eat less sweets, etc. We undertake to refrain from doing certain things; a resolution we fail more often than not. We wish to better ourselves and do some good, but we usually end up where we started. What remains is the aftertaste of "having failed". Instead of feeling good about ourselves, we end up feeling bad.

Bring a smile to children's faces
Why are we focusing on the negative when we wish to become a better person? How about having a New Year's resolution that allows us to feel great about ourselves? A resolution that can easily be implemented during the entire year. A resolution that has no chance of failure.

What if you were to think less about yourself and more about others?
How about helping other people this year?

It is Rima's dream to become a teacher

According to a report by Unicef million children across the world live in extreme poverty. There are approximately 263 million children between the ages of six and 17 who do not attend school. 72 million of them do not have access to a formal education. It is impossible to escape poverty without an education.

When Rima looks to the sky at the end of the year, her biggest wish is for her parents to still be with her.

However, she has not lost hope for a better future and wishes to become a teacher in order to support her family and help other people.

A happy New Year
More than 2.500 children currently attend a school that is supported by the Child & Family Foundation including Rima. Help children in need such as Rima by improving their future prospects.
Thanks to a donation, these children can attend school and build the foundation for a successful future.

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Support of underprivileged children and adolescents

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Do you already have your New Year's resolution?

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