myWorld Employee-Xmas-Charity-Campaign 2018

Teaser Photo Dziękuję za Twój prezent! Thank you for your present.

In the Child & Family Foundation bus, packed full of 165 presents, our "Father Christmas" Alejandro made his way to Poland to deliver the presents, which have been lovingly bought by the employees of the myWorld group of companies, based in Austria and Slovenia.

Project Description

The most wonderful thing about giving presents is when the way in which the other person's eyes light up when they receive your gift.

myWorld Group of Companies Employee-Charity Campaign

The myWorld group of companies employees are doing something for a good cause yet again this year. This Christmas, they are giving children, living in four Polish children's homes, a surprise.

The residents of the children's homes based in Kaliszu, Wola Gałęzowska, Lisków und Kraśnik, 300 km North-East of Krakow, don't find themselves writing a Christmas list as there is not much money for presents in the children's homes. Like one big family, where no presents are given or received.

Thanks to the support of the myWorld Offices in Poland and the Austrian and Slovenian employees' generosity, the children were fortunate enough to get a special Christmas surprise this year.

165 Christmas presents - a gift from the heart

We were overwhelmed by the willingness of the myWorld employees in Graz and Marburg to put together a Christmas present for the children in the Polish children's homes, who are not able to celebrate the festive season with their families and to whom a present means a lot.

But not any old Christmas present: over four weeks, 165 Christmas presents were painstakingly collected in the Child & Family Foundation's office, one for each child. Some even contained a personal message from the gift giver, such as a photo of them with their family or a Christmas letter in Polish.

Tears of Joy

Alejandro and Marta, from the Polish office, arrived with the presents on 11th December: the boys were thrilled to receive sneakers, lego, pullovers, chocolate and aftershave and the girls were overjoyed to receive watches, bags, scarves or make-up - all of them much sought-after things in the children's home, where there is usually no money to be found for presents.

Some even contained a personal message from the gift giver, such as a photo of them with their family or a Christmas letter in Polish.

Overcome with emotions, tears of joy and a steady stream of thank you's in Polish, English and even German - the children were over the moon!

It's a shame that we aren't able to capture the children's excitement in the photographs or in our coverage of the event.

A big thank you, not only from the children, but also from us, goes to the generous employees of the myWorld group of companies. A big thank you for being able to count on you all and for making this campaign possible!

Project Goals

Giving children, living in four Polish children's homes, a Christmas surprise.

Project Title

Christmas-Charity-Campaign 2018 of the myWorld group of companies

Project Location

Poland (Kaliszu, Wola Gałęzowska, Lisków und Kraśnik)

Project Period

December 2018