Mexico II

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Project Description

All people living in the project area Colonia San Francisco Acuautla (Mexico) could benefit from the education and support programmes (Meyalli), which have been realised in the school so far. The school is known for its special focus on gender orientation, personality development and cross curricular teaching. The school is proud of the fact that many pupils graduate and start an education at university. In addition, programmes are being implemented in schools nationwide by the ministry of education. All this is only possible thanks to the founders of this project. Only because of the personal commitments of the founder family, success like this could have been achieved.

A further benefit of the existing system is the integration of the whole family into the system of the Educar Asociacion Civil Meyalli by creating small jobs within the school grounds such as cleaning, gardening, handcraft etc.

Project Goals

The aim was to further promote the Meyalli education programme and to extend the opportunity to gain university entrance qualifications

Project Title

Supporting the Meyalli education programme and creating the basis for the attainment of higher education

Project Location

Colonia San Francisco Acuautla, Mexico

Project Period

April 2009 – December 2009


Children and teenagers from extremely poor conditions from Mexico City and the surrounding areas

Project Partner

Educar Asociacion Civil – Meyalli


The financial support of the Child & Family Foundation could make a valuable contribution to the development of the Meyalli concept and could lay the foundation for the implementation of a graduation class in the Educar Asociacion Civil in Mexico City.