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Project Description

CEO Hubert Freidl inspected several schools and children’s homes during his stay in Mexico City. Among them was the school Fundación Familiar Infantil. He immediately noticed the need for action and spoke out in favour of supporting the institution. So far, approximately 500 children have attended the school.

According to the legal regulations in Mexico, the mother must take care of her children until they are two years old even if she has become delinquent and has to serve a sentence. The Fundacion Familiar Infantil (IAP) institution has been established to provide for better chances in life as well as for better housing and care for children and teenagers with imprisoned parents. This facility offers clean and decent accomodation, as well as providing good care for the children. In addition, the children will also have access to education in a nearby school.

The goal is to maintain the existing facility for approximately 20 girls and 20 boys. Included in the costs are food, medical and psychological treatment, education, personnel costs, administration as well as the maintenance of the building.

Project Goals

Maintenance of the existing school for approximately 40 children and teenagers of detained parents

Project Title

Providing access to education for children of imprisoned parents in Mexico City

Project Location

Mexico City – Del. Alvaro Obregon, Mexico

Project Period

April 2009 – April 2010


Children and teenagers parents in Mexico City and the surrounding areas whose parents are imprisoned. The idea and at the same time the implementation of the project evolved from the necessity to provide imprisoned parents’ children with accommodation and access to education and thus clearly enhance their quality of life.

Project Partner

Fundación Familiar Infantil, IAP Organisation for the care of children and teenagers of imprisoned parents


Through the support of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation, 40 children and teenagers could be well looked after in the institution Fundación Familiar Infantil. Appropriate care and education were secured for these people.