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Teaser Photo Improvement of the educational environment at the Children Day Care Center “Duok ranka”

A cooperation between the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and the Children Day Care Center "Duok ranka"

Project Description

Save the Children Lithuania’s Children Day Care Center “Duok ranka” (Give a Hand) is a center that provides complex services (educational, pedagogical, social, others) to children from risk group and to their family members. 

In 2010 the Children Day Care Center had to move to new premises, previously used by a departments of the Lithuanian Post. After the department was closed down the building was left uncared for. Therefore, the rooms are completely unsuitable for the work with children. They are uncomfortable and not safe enough, not suitable for children’s successful development.

With the help of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation the building will be renovated.

Project Goals

The main aim of the project is to renovate premises of Children Day Care Center “Duok ranka” (Give a Hand) and to create cozy and safe environment adapted to children’s needs, to raise the quality of provided services for children and their family members.

The renovation includes:
- renovation damaged doors, windows, floors
- improving the hygiene and safety standards
- providing furniture and lighting appropriate for children

The renovation should also help to strengthen the image of the Day Care Center and the local communities awareness of this institution so the Center will get opportunity to help more children and families.

Opening Ceremony

On August 20th 2013 the Day Care Centre „Duok ranka“ in Vilnius, Lithuania was reopened in the presence of Nina Passegger (Director CFF), Paulius Kibiša (CEO Lyoness Lithuania), Daina Daubare (Regional Manager Northern Europe), several Lyoness Members, a representative from Vilnius Municipality and of course the children and their families from the Center. After a few short speeches the Centre was celebratory reopened. Afterwards everyone got a tour through the newly renovated facility and the Lyoness Members helped to distribute the School Starter Kits and Lycos to the Children.

In the course of the renovation works the whole furniture was renewed, doors and the floors were replaced, and the walls and ceilings got a new coat of paint.


A special thank you goes to the Lyoness Loyalty Partner UAB “Elektromarkt” which kindly donated the refrigerator for the new kitchen at the Day Care Centre.

Additionally we would like to thank all the staff from Lyoness Lithuania and all Lyoness members who supported this project. Especially Milda Dirsyte from the Lyoness Lithuania Office who actively supported and oversaw this project for us on-site.

Project Title

Improvement of the educational environment at the Children Day Care Center “Duok ranka”

Project Location

Vilnius, Lithuania

Project Period

June 2013 - August 2013


20 children and their families

Project Partner

Save the Children Lithuania