Relief supplies for Kosovo

Teaser Photo Since 2017, Alfred Hold has continuously provided disadvantaged people in Kosovo with humanitarian aid with the help of the CFF bus.

Project Description

Despite numerous obstacles in his way (border control, governmental regulations, etc.) the Austrian Alfred Hold has travelled the 1,100 kilometres long distance to Kosovo a total of six times, to provide Croatian minorities living in remote mountain regions and in extreme poverty with much-needed aid. He is helped by the CFF, who have not only provided him with a bus, but also notepads, footballs and clothing for those in need. Along with his family and friends, Alfred Hold takes care of the storage, division and packaging of the goods. The most important items are things that we hold for granted, such as cutlery, bed linen, shoes, dressing materials and of course groceries.

In Letnica, Alfred Hold collaborates with the "People's Kitchen", a restaurant that provides poor people with a daily warm meal. In Peja, Alfred caters for the non-governmental organisation Duart Plotë Mëshirë (DPM), which was founded by the Austrian Sister Maria Martha Fink and currently supports 300 of the region’s poorest families while also running a school for children with disabilities.

"Helping people help themselves" is not only an important guideline for the CFF, but is also dear to Alfred Hold's heart. The donations are therefore used to purchase the necessary groceries locally, thereby ensuring that the region's economy also receives a boost. Alfred also supplies DOM with locally purchased seeds, so that the organisation can grow its own vegetables, which can then be used for the children's meals. This project shall be continued to be built upon in future. The local families should be granted the opportunity to grow their own garden and to cover their own needs with personally grown produce. Any surplus should be given to DPM's kitchen for the preparation of the children's meals.

Project Goals

The aim of this project is to supply Croatian minorities living in poverty and solitude in Kosovo's remote mountain regions with much-needed aid supplies (clothing, shoes, groceries, etc.).

In addition, the non-governmental organisation Duart Plotë Mëshirë (DPM) situated in Peja, is supported and provided with vegetable seeds, garden accessories, water pumps and school materials for children with disabilities. Furthermore, 300 families in need will receive medical care, clothing, shoes and, where necessary, wheelchairs or walker frames.

Project Title

Relief supplies for Kosovo

Project Location

Letnica and Peja, Kosovo

Project Period

December 2015. January 2016, August 2016, and continuously as of January 2017


- Croatian minorities living in poverty in Kosovo's remote mountain regions
- The non-governmental organisation Duart Plotë Mëshirë (DPM), that supports 300 families and children with disabilities that are greatly affected by extreme poverty (further information at
- HANDIKOS, an institution for disabled people in Suhareka (provision of clothing and footballs)
-  The SOS Children's Village in Pristina (provision of clothing)
- Suhareka's fire brigade (provision of an effluent pump as well as protective clothing and helmets for the firemen)