Teaser Photo A place to feel good! Together we support the Children’s Home “The Smile of the Child” in Thessaloniki, with heart and mind

A cooperative project of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and the association The “Smile of the Child” Thessaloniki

Project Description

The “Smile of the Child” is a privat, non-profit organisation which at the moment supports 256 children in Greece. In Thessaloniki, there are currently 30 children living in a children’s home provided by “The Smile of the Child”. Care is provided exclusively for children from Thessa-loniki and the surrounding area, whose parents cannot care for them, or for children who, due to domestic violence, sexual assault or neglect, have been taken from their family envi-ronment. In addition, out of 97 children who were missing in Greece last year, 96 children were found through the efforts of “The Smile of the Child”. The children in the home in Thes-saloniki need supplies for daily life, as well as school materials and craftsmanship to support maintenance of the children’s home that represents the centre of their lives.

Project Goals

The goals of this project were to support the Children’s Home in Thessaloniki, in cooperation with Lyoness Loyalty Partners, to provide daily necessities, and to transform the Children’s Home into a place of wellbeing, to offer the children a better quality of life.
•    Supporting the maintenance of the home (Painting, electrics and installation work, new fixtures and fittings) in cooperation with Lyoness Loyalty Partners in Greece
•    Acquirement of toys, clothes, medications and groceries
•    Providing the school children with school bags, books, pads and additional Lyoness Child & Family Foundation school and learning materials

Project Title

A place to feel good! Supporting “The Smile of the Child” children’s home in Thessaloniki with heart and mind

Project Location

Thessaloniki, Greece

Project Period

March 2011 – September 2012


30 children, aged between 3 months and 15 years, from the “The Smile of the Child” chil-dren‘s home in Thessaloniki

Project Partner

The Smile of the Child, Thessaloniki