Greece II

Teaser Photo Neighbour in Need - Help Given to More Than 300 Children from Eight Different Social Institutions in Greece

Project Description

The last few years have not been easy for the Greek population. The economic crisis and the stream of refugees have taken its toll on the country. Many people are affected and the civil society will now be severely tested. Many cutbacks have to be made during a time such as this and society is forced closer together. As the crisis especially affects children with special needs as well as children in homes and from disadvantaged social background, the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and Lyoness Greece as well as numerous helpers and sponsors from the Community decided to help. More than 300 children from eight different institutions in Crete, Athens, Thessaloniki as well as other Greek places were equipped with school materials, toys and food. The children also received vouchers for various leisure activities. Thanks to our dedicated Community, the aid products were quickly distributed and handed out. Many were also generous enough to make further donations to the children. Unfortunately due to legal reasons we cannot display photos of the handing over of the presents, but those responsible have guaranteed that the children were absolutely delighted with the numerous gifts and much-needed aid products.

A special thank you goes out to the following supporters, whose donations and organisational commitment enabled this campaign.

Lassithi Child Protection Centre

Foteini Bountalaki
Marina Chereti
Giortamis Georgios
Vassalos Dimitrios
Giakoumakis Emmanouil
Stamata Eirini
Itanos AEBE
Marakis Marinos
I. Markakis
Katsoulaki Chaireti-Psaroudakis D.
Galanaki Evangelia
Ioannis and Emmanouil Chatzakis OE
Pazegakis Mini Market
Aretakis Fanis
Tsikalaki Despoina
Sfendourakis Ioannis

Organisation for the Protection of Rights of People with Autism
Ilias Ivanidis
Despoina Zerva
Sarmpini Niki
Aplo 24 - Symvouleftikes Ypiresies
Tsipouridis Michail
Stefanidis Georgios
Petridis Stergios
Kourentis Dimitrios
Tsaoutos Michail
Maredis Ioannis
Piperidis Panagiotis
Büro für Steuerberatung Piperidis
Grigoropoulou Eleni
Tatsis Konstantinos
Tatsis Stelios
Piperidis Konstantinos

Ark of the World (2 Institutions)
Ioannis Lytras
Georgios Fourtounis
Dimitris Tzifopanopoulos
Zacharoula Brantitsa
Tonia Apessou
Georgios Pantelaras
Pinaleon Kostoglou
Plan B Coffee Bar
Nikolaos Antalis
E & D Zisimos
My Gym Kalamaris Panagiotis
Chamouza M. Toumazou
Michalis Kefalonikas
Atsalis Georgios
Mpatsi Evaggelia
Panelis Voulikas
Evgenis Alexandros
Milionis Konstantinos
Neamonitakis Georgios
Pilioglou Markellos
Tsakiris A.-Karydias N.
Tatsis N.-Mpiliraki M
Kottaki Virginia
Tanainis Konstantinos
Orgettas Nikolaos
Inspot Internet Cafe Bar
Mamalis Aggelos

Arsis – Association for the Social Support of Youth (2 Institutions)
Charalambos Bouroulitis
Konstantinos Papadimitriou
Theodoros Syrpis

Greek Children's Village (Ελληνικό Παιδικό Χωριό) and „The Smile of the Child“

Konstantinos Papadimitriou

Project Goals

The aim of this project was to provide 300 disadvantaged children and adolescents with school materials, clothing, toys as well as numerous vouchers, thereby offering the children financial support and bringing a smile to their faces.

Project Title

Neighbour in Need - Help Given to More Than 300 Children from Eight Different Social Institutions in Greece

Project Location

Kastoria, Chios, Athens, Crete, Thessaloniki, Alexandroupoli

Project Period

August – October 2016


Organisation for the Protection of Rights of People with Autism
Location: Kastoria
The organisation has made it their goal to integrate children with autism into everyday life as best as possible. Teachers and employers are therefore being educated and enlightened and additional measures are being taken in order to guarantee the children's successful integration.
Number of supported children: 19

Ark of the World (2 Institutions)
Ort: Chios & Athens
The aim of the organisation is to support children and mothers who are at the risk of poverty. They primarily offer financial support in order for the families to be able to build their own independent lives. The temporary financial support should prevent the children from being sent to an institution, such as a children's home.
Number of supported children in Chios: 25
Number of supported children in Athens: 140

Parartima Prostasias Paidiou Lasithiou/Child Protection Centre Lassithi
Location: Crete
The organisation looks after children, whose parents suffer from physical, psychological or financial problems and can therefore not care for their children. The aim is to offer these children a family like environment as well as a good education.
Number of supported children: 10

Arsis – Association for the Social Support of Youth (2 Institutions)
Location: Thessaloniki and Alexandroupoli
ARSIS is a non-governmental organisation that offers social support to adolescents in difficult life situations. Their main objective is to prevent these adolescents from becoming social outcasts, to develop strategies for the protection of youth rights and to actively support disadvantaged adolescents.
Number of supported children in Thessaloniki: 9
Number of supported children in Alexandroupoli: 30

Greek Children's Village (Ελληνικό Παιδικό Χωριό)

Location: Filyro, Thessaloniki
Approximately 50 children and adolescents between the ages of four and 22 are taken care of at the children's village in Filyro, Thessaloniki. These children can no longer live at home with their families for reasons such as violence in the family or for social or financial reasons. The aim of the organisation is to allow these children to grow up in a family-like environment.
Number of supported children: 49

The Smile of the Child
Location: Thessaloniki
"The Smile of the Child" is a voluntary non-profit organisation devoted to the protection and safety of disadvantaged children. The organisation's main objective is to safeguard the rights of the children. Various social and psychological services are offered around the clock on a daily basis in order actively help the children and adolescents.
Number of supported children: 22