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Teaser Photo Children's Flight Day in France – Making a dream come true for 35 children in need

Project Description

On 19 September the first Children's Flight Day in France took place. This project was designed to surprise 35 children with various chronic illnesses and impairments - a surprise that the children will remember for a long time to come.

We have held and supported several Children's Flight Days in two separate locations in Austria, and since they began we have come to realise that not only do children with special needs really enjoy the experience of flying, but also that such an experience can also be really important to the children. For this reason we decided to team up with Lyoness France, the Fly'N Kiss association, Members and Loyalty Merchants to organise a Children's Flight Day event filled with fun and games for 35 children.
The group of volunteers were ready and waiting on the morning of the 19th of September. Craft stalls were set up and various gifts and snacks were prepared for the children, as well as flight certificates for each participant.

The children arrived in the afternoon, along with their parents and carers, and spent an enjoyable time at the craft stalls, getting their faces painted and preparing for the very special moment. Their excitement rose when they were divided up into small groups with their parents and carers and finally had the opportunity to board the plane. The fascination and enjoyment of being up in the air was so great that a few of the children didn't want to get off the plane and begged for another go.
The children were even more delighted when they each received a personalised diploma with their photo on it. The day was an unforgettable adventure for everyone involved and we would like to thank all who made this amazing experience possible.

A special thank you goes out to:

Mistelet Eric
Machado Thomas
Polanska Malwina
Palau-Gatell Sarah
Ravier Philippe
Ducloy Sigrid

Project Goals

The aim of this event was to enable 35 children with chronic illnesses to fly over the Île-de-France region and enjoy a small family celebration, in order to fulfil their dream of flying as well as offering the families a wonderful day together with their children.

Project Title

Children's Flight Day in France – Making a dream come true for 35 children in need

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35 children with chronic illnesses (autism, moebius syndrome, leukodystrophy)