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Teaser Photo Improvement of the educational environment of the “Tartu Laste Turvakodu”

A cooperation between the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation and the ”Tartu Laste Turvakodu”.

Project Description

The “Tartu Laste Turvakodu” (Tartu Children’s Centre) offers protection, education and support for abused children who live in difficult situations at home. Some mothers also live at the Centre together with their children. Additionally the Centre provides daily after-school care for under privileged children where a team of educators supports them not only in their studies but also with problems at home. At the same time the Centre provides the children with a place where they can feel safe and comfortable and where they can learn and play with other children.

The Tartu Children’s Centre has a special room furnished with desks, computers, books, board games etc. to enable the children to spend time with different activities: to study, to read books, to play different board games, or use computers/internet. The Centre also has a dining room where the children as well as their mothers receive a warm meal.

Project Goals

The aim of the project is to renovate this computer room and at the same time provide the kitchen of the Tartu Children’s Centre with a few new acquisitions. The floors, walls, ceiling, doors and windows of the computer room are in very bad shape and need to be fixed. Additionally a new TV and a new set of furniture will be provided. The kitchen at the Centre urgently needs a new dishwasher and a new kitchen sink.

Opening Ceremony:
On April 11th 2014 the “Tartu Laste Turvakodu” reopened the newly renovated and furnished computer room in attendance of Nina Passegger (Director CFF), Ott Neeme (CEO Lyoness Estonia), Piret Värno (Director of the Centre), Urmas Klaas (Major of Tartu), the staff of the shelter, several volunteers and of course the children and their families. The children performed some songs and showed what they had learned in Judo class. This class is provided for the kids at the Centre by a volunteer twice a week. Afterwards there was a tour through the newly renovated facility. To conclude the event the members and employees of Lyoness Estonia helped to distribute presents and School Starter Kits to the children at the Centre.


We would like to thank all of the employees and members from Lyoness Estonia who made this project possible. Especially Anita Toruvere from the Lyoness Estonia Office, who actively supported and oversaw this project for us on-site.

Project Title

Improvement of the educational environment of the “Tartu Laste Turvakodu”

Project Location

Tartu, Estonia

Project Period

March 10th - April 10th


Around 50 children visit the Centre every day. 10 of these children live in the Centre with their mothers since they have a very difficult background. The other 40 children visit the Centre after-school.

Project Partner

“Tartu Laste Turvakodu” (Tartu Children’s Centre)