Do it yourself! Portugal I

Teaser Photo Do it yourself! In keeping with this motto, the CFF initiated an"Angel for a Day" campaign for children from Porto.

Project Description

With the support of numerous helpers, renovation works could be undertaken at AADID, an institution that takes care of 30 children and adolescents between the ages of five and 18 with physical and mental impairments. Thanks to the assistance of the CFF and the myWorld Community, the building and fences received a new lick of paint among other improvements, thereby teaching children the meaning of teamwork and demonstrating what can be achieved when combining forces.

Project Goals

Children feel good in the the “new” home- important for the development. To make children feel comfortable, presentable home is made was ensured.

Project Title

Renovations at a children´s home

Project Location

Porto, Portugal

Project Period

September 2017-November 2017