Vocational Education Camp 2014

Teaser Photo CFE Vocational Education Camp – A Motivational Boost for the Future

Project Description

Lack of motivation, anxiety about the future, problems evaluating one's own strengths and weaknesses - the adolescents who took part in the first Lyoness Child & Family Foundation (CFF) Association's Vocational Education Camp learned how to handle these and other stresses. The week-long Vocational Education Camp took place in July 2014 and was intended to provide support to adolescents facing career decisions and experiencing difficulty preparing themselves well for this important step.The camp focussed on the following topics:
• What are my strengths and weaknesses?
• Self promotion - me as my own "brand"
• Which occupations and professions interest me?
• In what areas do I have potential and how can I develop it further?
• How can I reach my goals and what will it take to achieve this?
• What criteria must I be able to meet for a successful application and for my dream job?
• Many other topics on the subject of career orientation and personality development

The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association chose the subject "Career Orientation" because it became clear on the basis of contact with many Styrian social services that many adolescents between the age of 14 and 16 are in need of active guidance and support. The young people who turn to the Vocational Education Camp are adolescents who find themselves in a particular circumstance: they are at an age at which they are not yet subjected to the time pressure and the pressure to succeed that usually becomes prominent after finishing school.
During the course of the Vocational Education Camp the adolescents had access to a week full of interesting informational inputs and many other activities. The various topics were prepared and presented in the form of workshops. Afternoons were used for group recreation time, sports activities, and team-building exercises. There were also opportunities for cooking and barbecues as a group, enjoying informal conversations, or simply relaxing.

Highlights of the Week

Company Day
On the third day of the camp the participants received a visit from five different Lyoness Loyalty Merchants and their Managers. All of the businesses are from the Voitsberg and Lieboch region: Gartencenter Kochauf, Gasthaus Pichlingerhof, Hör- und Brillenstudio Lasnik, Beauty World Kriebernegg, and KFZ – Reparaturen & Handel Werner Steiner. The companies were presented and the adolescents gained insight into the different occupational groups and the training opportunities available in each category.

A Motivational Boost from Christoph Strasser
Christoph Strasser, the record winner of Race Across America, has been the ambassador and an active supporter of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association for the past four years. When he heard about the idea for the Vocational Education Camp he took an immediate interest and wanted to be involved. He devoted an entire day to the adolescents at the camp. First he spoke about his big victory in the Race Across America and then worked together with the adolescents on the topic "Motivation and Achieving Goals". But that wasn't all: the chance to go for a group bike ride was of course not to be missed!

Project Goals

The aim of the project was to offer assistance and support in the areas of Career Orientation, Personality Development, Motivation, and Time Management to adolescents about to enter the working world who had been nominated by various Styrian social services.

Project Title

CFE Vocational Education Camp – A Motivational Boost for the Future

Project Location

Maria Lankowitz, Austria

Project Period

12th to 19th of July 2014


14 adolescents nominated by various Styrian social services (for example foster children, residential facilities, etc.) in need of extra assistance and support in the areas of Career and Personality Development.

We would like to thank all our educational sponsors for making this project possible!

Project Partner

JUFA Jugend- und Familiengästehäuser Steiermark GmbH
Gartencenter Kochauf
Gasthaus Pichlingerhof
Hör- und Brillenstudio Lasnik
Beauty World Kriebernegg
KFZ – Reparaturen & Handel Werner Steiner
Ford Ornig