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Teaser Photo For many of us, the ringing of the school bell is a bittersweet childhood memory. However, many children around the world are denied this sound.

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Who doesn’t remember the sound of the school bell that calls the excited swarm of children to the classrooms? The sound that make those eager for knowledge wide-eyed and raises the corners of the mouth at break time? 264 million children have never had this experience.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
While children in many countries around the world are ready to put pen to paper at this time of the year, 264 million children are left without access to educational facilities, despite the fact that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states that every child has a right to education.  Attending a school, which is part of everyday life for most of us, is still a privilege for many children as poverty and education correlate with each other. Children of poor families are eight times more likely not to attend school as those of families with average income.

Good school grades for a successful future. Only 55% of children up to the age of 17 complete their schooling successfully.
Even for those children who start school, the probability that they will complete their education is very low: only 55% of children up to the age of 17 actually complete school. In the lower secondary schools (age 12 - 14), only 69% of children and teens still attend school, in the upper secondary schools (age 15 - 17) the percentage is as low as 45%.

Yet without education, neither the personal nor the economic future of the entire region look too bright. You can find more information about this here.

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A parent’s supporting role
Successfully educating children is the responsibility of many. Governments, teachers at the various schools, and not least the parents; they play a significant role in contributing to children successfully completing school.

Success at the Escuela Lyoness in Honduras
Particularly in regions affected by poverty, children contribute to the family income and take care of the household or younger siblings. When children attend school or do their homework, they cannot carry out their other family obligations.

The parents play a major role in ensuring that their children go to school every day and don't drop out.

For this reason, parents at the school managed by us, the Escuela Lyoness in Honduras, are firmly integrated into the school's everyday life. Not only are they involved in parent-teacher conferences and school celebrations, but they actively contribute to ongoing school life, too.

This has proved to be a great success so far and this year sixth‘s first year pupils will celebrate their graduation.

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Reading and writing for girls and boys
In many countries, there is another problem: no awareness for equal rights of girls and boys regarding school attendance. At the primary level, gender equality is only achieved in two out of three countries worldwide. In the upper secondary education, it is even as low as 25%.

The Dhara Children Academy in India is actively trying to counteract this. Their aim is for boys and girls from all religious and social classes to learn how to read and write. Since August, we have been sprucing up the school's infrastructure in order to secure the school's long-term future.

Kindergarten and pre-school as first steps in education
Successful education starts in early childhood, so kindergarten and pre-school are important institutions, yet only 17 percent of all countries have mandatory or free early childhood education.

In order to provide children in Léon with this first step in their education, the Child & Family Foundation is supporting the construction of a kindergarten and a pre-school at the Escuela para el futuro in Mexico.

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In order for us to combat poverty for as many children as possible and to provide them with good education, we depend on the support of those who are able to create a certain standard of living through good school education.

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Creating perspectives and improving the quality of life by supporting education

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Ready for the new school year? Not all children around the world!

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