Back to School?

Teaser Photo On the northern hemisphere, the leaves are slowly starting to turn red and brown, the air is clearer, the sun is lower in the sky and it smells of Autumn. For many people on the northern hemisphere, this time of year evokes bittersweet memories: the end of the summer holidays. That mixed feeling of looking forward to seeing all your friends again, mixed with the thought of the homework and tests to come.

Project Description

Education for everyone? What we want, and what the reality is.

In some countries, such as Finland, the new school year started in Summer. In other countries, such as the Philippines, the school year starts again in November. For some, school doesn't start at all. According to UNESCO, there are currently 263 children who don't go to school at all. That's approximately a quarter of the population of Europe. Approximately 60 million don't even go to primary school, and a further 60 million didn't go on to secondary school (12-14 year olds). It's for this reason that the Child & Family Foundation set itself a goal to help disadvantaged people to achieve a better future.

Not everyone has the same opportunities. Whether you're born in the right area or to the right family is pure fate.

Many of us were lucky enough to have been born to families in a country with a good quality of life. Obviously, some of us have to fight harder than others for a better quality of life, but the difference is: we have that possibility. Some places don't have enough school buildings, some don't have a school anywhere for miles around. Some of the buildings are in a bad state of disrepair, or there are not enough classrooms for everyone. In other places, there aren't enough teachers. There's a lack of learning materials, starting with books, pencils, not to mention computers. Often, parents don't have enough money to send their children to school, or the children must work to help support the family.

Education. Opportunities. Future.

In Honduras approximately 50% of the children don't have a primary school qualifications. Even where the school enrolment rate is approximately 90%, the children still only attend school for 6-7 years and often leave without any qualifications. This means they don't have a basis on which to build a successful future for themselves.

The Escuela Lyoness was built in order to give these kids a foundation on which they could take their future into their own hands: The goal was to build a primary school for the kids from poor backgrounds to give them access to education and to improve their quality of life and their chances on the work market. 60 kids started their school life 2012; 30 pre-schoolers and 30 reception class kids. Today, there are approximately 200 boys and girls from the La Ceiba region taught in XY classrooms. Next year, the first kids to join the school will be completing their primary school education.

This is made possible by the Child and Family Foundation, together with the Lyoness Shopping Community, and numerous donations.

Sometimes, we don't realise how well off we are. We can give our kids everything they need for a successful future. Maybe you would like to help us support kids who aren't as lucky. Make it possible for these kids to have similar chances as your own children, nephews, nieces or grandchildren.

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Creating perspectives and improving the quality of life by supporting education

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Here at the Headquarters, and in many other countries around the world, "back to school" is the current hot topic. But not every country in the world starts the new school year in Autumn, and some kids don't go to school at all. There are currently 263 million kids around the world who have no way to get an education.

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Since 2008