Angel for a Day - Sweden

Teaser Photo Angel for a Day - Sweden

A lorry full of gifts for children and families in need in Poland.

Project Description

Lyoness employees, Members, Lyconet Marketers and a few Swedish SME Loyalty Merchants implemented a unique Christmas activity. They collected a total of 46 boxes full of groceries, games and toys, clothes, blankets, sanitary products, electrical appliances and lots more and handed them over to the "Barnhem Lodz" Organization.

"Barnhem Lodz" is an extremely dedicated organization that has started an impressive campaign in Sweden and Poland in cooperation with the large car spare parts supplier "Polcar". "Polcar" transports goods from Poland to Sweden on a regular basis and the lorry is usually empty on its return to Poland. This situation led the two companies "Polcar" and "Barnhem Lodz" to come up with the idea of using the empty lorry to transport much needed supplies to children and families in Poland. Since the campaign began, more than 70 families in Warsaw, orphans from 14 different towns and single mothers have been supported with supplies from Sweden. The "Barnhem Lodz" Organisation works together with other companies, such as Caritas in Poland, to ensure that the goods are sent to where they are most needed.

We are very proud to have been able to support this campaign with 46 boxes of supplies and on behalf of all the beneficiaries we would like to say a huge thank you for all the donations and especially to "SBS Reklam" and the transport company "Miljöbud".

Project Goals

The aim of this campaign was to give families and children in need a wonderful Christmas gift by collecting much needed supplies and distributing them, in cooperation with the "Barnhem Lodz" Organization.

Project Title

Angel for a Day - Sweden

Project Location

Stockholm, Sweden Warsaw, Poland

Project Period

December 2014


Around 70 families in Warsaw, single mothers and orphans in 14 towns in Poland.