Angel for a Day - Romania XII

Teaser Photo „Angel for a Day“ in Romania – The angels have returned

Project Description

Most of the children and youths who are cared for by the "Life and Light Foundation" organisation live in the poor regions on the outskirts of Bucharest. They have severe family problems and the aim is to achieve an independent life for themselves though the support of this Foundation. The children have already been the recipients of an "Angel for a Day" campaign as well as school materials implemented by the Lyoness Child and Family Foundation and our community in Romania. Once again, numerous Lyconet Marketer, Loyalty Merchants and voluntary helpers came together with the CFF in order to create an amazing "Angel for a Day" campaign and thereby surprise 18 children and adolescents who have not lead an easy life with an amazing day out.

The children and adolescents were picked up in a minibus early in the morning by the helpers and supporters. The group first travelled to Târgu Mureș where they were served a delicious breakfast at the Country Pub, a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant. Next on the agenda was a visit to the Târgu Mureș' culture palace, where splendid mosaics and an impressive hall of mirrors waited to be discovered by the children and where the young ones also learnt a lot about the Hungarian-Romanian history.

Then it was off to the zoo, where the children could marvel and sometimes even stroke the many animals and where they also received popcorn and lots of sweets. After those lasting impressions all participants received a tasty snack at McDonald's. Before the journey home could commence, each child was gifted a School Starter Kit filled with useful school materials.

Once they had arrived back home the children were granted one last surprise: A delicious supper, prepared for by the restaurant "Gonozo", where the day and the excitement could be reviewed in full. One thing became abundantly clear during the goodbyes: A reunion will certainly take place soon!

We would like to thank everyone whose support enabled this special day for the children.
A special thank you goes out to:
Erika Gorfi
Irma Kolumban
Emma Peter
Beata Peter
Bela Veranira
Natalia Zuz

Project Goals

The aim of this project was to offer 18 children, who are being supported by the "Life and Light Foundation", an incredible day out including an amazing meal, lots of activities as well as school materials.

Project Title

„Angel for a Day“ in Romania – The angels have returned

Project Location

Harghita/Târgu Mureș

Project Period

September 2016


18 disadvantaged children from socially vulnerable families that live in the surrounding areas of Bucharest and are supported by the "Life and Light Foundation"