Angel for a Day - Romania XI

Teaser Photo "Angel for a Day" in Romania – an eventful day for 14 disadvantaged children in Bucharest

Project Description

Natalia Zuz is not only an amazing person, but she is also a dedicated ambassador to the Child & Family Foundation. Her commitment knows no bounds when it comes to implementing new "Angel for a Day" campaigns, bringing people in our Community together and helping people in need. Together with many helpers and supporters of the focusTeam, she organised an unforgettable day for 14 disadvantaged children from a children's village in Bucharest.

At nine o'clock in the morning, the numerous helpers and supporters entered the children's village und surprised the young ones with an "Angel for Day" campaign. After a short introduction the day packed with activities finally began. First stop was the Romanian TV station TVR, where the children had a guided tour through the entire complex. It was an amazing experience for the little visitors to gain insight on the backstage works and to see the different studios with their very own eyes. Next on the agenda was a visit to the Bucharest airport. After a guide through the impressive building, the children were allowed to take a seat in the cockpit of an actual airplane. So many impressions obviously trigger a great hunger. The next highlight of the day was a visit to the restaurant "City Grill", where the children and their caretakers received a festive meal.

Once replenished, the children went to see the dentist Sorin Gageanu, a Lyconet Marketer who has a big heart for children. There, the children were able to sing and dance along with a piano teacher which was a most welcome distraction and which also allowed the children and caretakers to strengthen their bond. The children also received instructions on proper oral hygiene as well as a dental check-up. Several Loyalty Merchants were kind enough to offer the children delicious home-made cookies, which were quickly devoured by the children.

At the end of the day the children received small presents and toys. Furthermore, School Starter Kits were handed out to each child, in order to make learning even more fun.

All in all this day was am unforgettable and unique experience for both the children, caretakers and helpers. We have once again demonstrated that with the help of the people from our community we can create amazing experiences.

We'd like to say an extra special thank you to:
Natalia Zuz
Anca Jugnaru
Cristi Lazar
Claudiu Buda
Sofia Giurea
Sorin Gageanu
Familie Vesler
Stefan Ximena
Liana Ionit

Project Goals

The aim of this project was to organise an eventful day for 14 children from the children's village in Bucharest, in order for the children to break away from the treadmill of everyday life and enjoy a few hours of fun with their caretakers and helpers. Furthermore, the children were catered for, received dental care and were also gifted toys and school materials.

Project Title

"Angel for a Day" in Romania – an eventful day for 14 disadvantaged children in Bucharest

Project Location


Project Period

November 2016