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Teaser Photo "Angel for a Day" in Romania – 26 disadvantaged children in Bucharest aim high

Project Description

As soon as the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association suggested organising an "Angel for a Day" event for 26 disadvantaged children to Lyconet Marketers Anca Juganaru and Cristi Lazar, everyone was immediately onboard with the idea. Most of the children and youths who are cared for by the "Life and Light Foundation" Organisation live in the poor regions on the outskirts of Bucharest. They have severe family problems and the aim is to achieve an independent life for themselves though the support of this Foundation. Most of these children and youths have been robbed of their childhoods; it is a constant battle for them to assert themselves in life and it is very rare that they get any free time, have fun or do anything special in their daily lives.
Lyoness Loyalty Merchants, Members and Lyconet Marketers wanted to join together to give these young people a day away from their daily, often drab, lives and allow them to forget their troubles and problems for a short time.

The day started with the volunteers, children and youths meeting up at the "Life and Light Foundation" building and then driving to the airport together, where they were taken on a tour. The highlights of the tour were seeing a prop plane, including getting to see inside the cockpit, and an impressive demonstration by the Fire Brigade on the edge of the airfields. Many of the children had never flown before, or even seen an airport or plane in real life, so they really enjoyed the tour, and the volunteers were happy that the day had started out so well.

Following the airport tour, they went to the Lyoness Loyalty Merchant "Stirbei Palace", where the children were able to look at the stables, stroke the horses and saddle them up. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, it wasn't possible for the children to ride the horses, but this didn't spoil their fun in the slightest. The children then had the opportunity to get their hair cut and styled at Lyoness Loyalty Merchant "New Andrei Style". With their new hairstyles, they all then went on to lunch together. As each child was provided with a school starter kit and trainers, they were very happy and you could tell that the numerous volunteers, children and youths had bonded over the course of the day. With their arms full of their new gifts, everyone went back to the Foundation, where the children and youths said farewell to the numerous, dedicated angels who had made this a day they would never forget. We would like to say thank you to all the Lyoness Loyalty Merchants, Members, employees and volunteers who made this day possible and we are looking forward to the next "Angel for a Day" even in Romania.

We'd like to say an extra special thank you to:
Anca Juganaru
Cristi Lazar
Nistor Crisitan
Alexandru Adrian Maria
Familie Vesler
New Andrei Style
Restaurant Sunrise Corbeanca
Stirbei Palace
Sofia Giurea
Sab Broker
Kamaro Med
Optim Curier
La Mignonne
Aspasia Travel
Salina Verde
Focus Development
Elena Cristodur
Balanescu Ioana
Cristian Radu
Simona Cernea
Corneliu Bajenaru
Crisitna Turba
Iuhas Jeni

Project Goals

The goal of the initiative was to organise an unforgettable day for children and young people from socially disadvantaged families who are cared for by the "Life and Light Foundation". The event was intended to give the children time away from their daily lives, and to make it possible for them to take part in activities that they otherwise would not be able to do due to their financial situation. The children and youths were also provided with urgently needed trainers and school material.

Project Title

"Angel for a Day" in Romania – 26 disadvantaged children in Bucharest aim high

Project Location

Bucharest, Romania

Project Period

11th September 2015


26 children and youths from socially disadvantaged families, who are cared for by the "Life and Light Foundation".