Angel for a Day - Romania VII

Teaser Photo Angel for a Day - Romania VII

A Cooperative Project of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association and Lyoness Romania.

Project Description

The „Hansel and Gretel“ children’s home is located in Buziaș, only a few kilometers outside of Timişoara. 18 children and adolescents between the age of 6 and 21 live there. They come from a very poor background, where their families don’t have the means to properly take care of them. The children’s home provides their charges with a warm and loving environment, which creates a strong bond between the caregivers and the children.

It is not easy to come up with an „Angel for a Day“ – activity that is exciting for children as well as young adults. But together with the members and employees of Lyoness Romania the CFF was able to plan a day that was a great experience for all participants.

The day was kicked off with a big breakfast at the Lyoness loyalty partner “The Note Pub” and the kids were able to start the day full of energy. Next stop was the dental clinic “Team Dental Clinic”, where they learned in a playful way about the importance of dental hygiene and what to pay attention to. Afterwards they were able to let out their need for movement. During a dance lesson they learned basic dance moves and they had so much fun that the adults soon joined in.
Afterwards everyone deserved a refreshment and they made their way to the Lyoness loyalty partner „Pizzeria Celentano“ for a big lunch.

Another special experience was waiting for the children and adolescents afterwards. Most of them had never seen a 3D movie and were thrilled by the visit to the cinema. But the day was still not over.
Following the movie they got to play a game of Laser-Tag where and afterwards got treated to some delicious ice cream.

At the children’s home there was one last surprise waiting for the kids. They were visibly excited when we handed them their new School Starter Kits filled with school materials. But now it was time for our volunteers to be surprised. The kids and caregivers invited them for a home cooked meal and afterwards recited songs and poems for them.

We would like to thank all members, employees and loyalty partners that helped us make this day possible.

This activity was supported by the following Lyoness loyalty partners:
>>The Note Pub
>>Team Dental Clinic
>>Pizzeria Celentano

Project Goals

The goal of this project was to the 18 children and adolescents from the children’s home „Hansel and Gretel“ the opportunity to relax and enjoy an unforgettable and unique day. We wanted to plan a day that was an exciting experience for the younger children as well as the teenagers and young adults.

All kinds of different activities were planned, such as visiting a dental clinic, dance lessons, a lunch together with all of the volunteers, visiting the cinema, playing laser tag and the handover of the school starter kits.

Project Title

Angel for a Day - Romania VII

Project Location

Buziaș, Romania

Project Period

July 31st, 2014


18 children and adolescents from the children’s home „Hansel and Gretel“ in Buziaș in the age between 6 and 21 years. They come from a very poor background where their families were unable to take proper care of them.

Project Partner

„Hansel and Gretel“ Children’s Home
Lyoness Romania