Angel for a Day - Romania VI

Teaser Photo Angel for a Day - Romania VI

A Cooperative Project of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association and Lyoness Romania.

Project Description

The "Asociatia Filantropia Oradea" works in many different areas and supports disadvantaged individuals including both children and adults with a diversity of problems. The organisation supports disadvantaged children and adolescents with a programme called "Impact", in which participants take part in various activities on weekends and after school; there are even a variety of programmes offered during holidays. With the help of "Asociatia Filantropia Oradea" 40 children between the ages of 10 and 14 were invited to this day as part of the "Angel for a Day" Initiative.

The programme was packed with unique activities for the children.
In the morning they went together along with Lyoness Members and employees to the Kings Land Country Club. There the children participated in a variety of activities including horseback riding, golf, archery, and a sightseeing flight over Oradea in a small plane.
Afterwards they enjoyed a delicious lunch at the restaurant "Butoiul De Aur". After the refreshments they went to one of the largest shopping malls in Oradea where each child was allowed to pick out a pair of shoes in the shoestore "Leonardo". Next the children were joined by the Lyoness Members and employees for an afternoon of fun at the "Hotel Perla" swimming pool.
To conclude the day the children were invited to a group dinner with pizza, nonalcoholic drinks and dessert at the "Beer House" Restaurant.

At the end of this exciting day the children, adolescents, and employees of "Asociatia Filantropia Oradea" were presented with several additional materials. Each child received a School Starter Kit and the Center of the "Asociatia Filantropia Oradea" was equipped with a number of play materials as well as 3 PCs including accessories.

It was clear to see that the children had fun on this unbelievably eventful day. We extend our warmest thanks to all of the Lyoness Members, employees, and Loyalty Merchants who made this event possible.

We would like to thank the following Loyalty Merchants:
>>Butoiul De Aur
>>Hotel Perla
>>Fratii Oprean Auto Service
>>Beer House

Project Goals

The aim of the project was to give the underprivileged children from Oradea the gift of a special and unforgettable day, away from daily life and their problems. Over the course of the day unique experiences like horseback riding, golf, archery, a plane ride over Oradea, a trip to the swimming pool, and much more would be provided for the children.

In addition, the offerings of the "Asociatia Filantropia Oradea" Center would be expanded through the allocation of a number of new play materials and 3 PCs.

Project Title

Angel for a Day - Romania VI

Project Location

Oradea, Romania

Project Period

08 July 2014


40 underprivileged children between the ages of 10 and 14 cared for by the organisation "Asociatia Filantropia Oradea".

Project Partner

Asociatia Filantropia Oradea
Lyoness Romania