Angel for a Day – Romania IV

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A project cooperation between the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association and Lyoness Romania.

Project Description

"This is the best day of my life!" said one of the 27 children from Ungurești, Bacău, who participated in an "Angel for a Day" event in Romania, recently. The children, who come from a small village where the average family income is no more than 100 Euros per month, were rewarded with a surprise outing for their good marks at school, by the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association.

The excursion starting point was the Bibirești primary school. All of the helpers, Lyoness Members and Loyalty Merchant representatives were especially thrilled by a performance rehearsed by the children, which was based on the theme of nature and a sustainable life together on the earth. You could see immediately, that the children are cosmopolitan and how their interest in nature and the well-being of the community comes from the heart.

Following that, the day started with a trip to Bacău. The transport for this was provided through support by a Premium Member, Vasile Popa. The children were taken to visit the Loyalty Merchant Auto Moto Invest SRL, where they were shown around the shop floor and treated to breakfast at the end of the tour. Further highlights of the day were shopping together for necessary food and sweets, a visit to Speed Park where the children were able to drive a go-cart themselves, as well as a visit to the Decebal Equestrian Club, a Sport & Riding club where the children were able to ride a horse, and then enjoy a tasty lunch.

To finish off, it was back to school, where the pupils were taken by surprise as they were given schoolbags filled with books and pencils. The children, as well as all of the Lyoness Members and the Loyalty Merchant representatives who supported this activity were very pleased and happy with their new memories.

A big thank you goes out to all of those who made this day possible and gave their support in any way.

A special thank you to the following Lyoness Loyalty Merchants:

Auto Moto Invest SRL
Hotel Decebal
Speed Park
Alimentara Adriatica

Project Goals

The aim of the "Angel for a Day" event was to give the children from the Bibirești primary school, who come from one of the poorest areas of Romania, a day away from their daily routine, and to support them by purchasing necessary food and school equipment.

Project Title

Angel for a Day – Romania IV

Project Location

Ungurești – Bacău, Romania

Project Period

Mai 17th, 2014


27 children from the Bibirești primary school

Project Partner

Lyoness Romania
Bibirești School