Angel for a Day - Poland III

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A Reunion with the Children and Young People at the Children's Home in Gorlice.

Project Description

The children's home in Gorlice was first supported in 2012. It cares for children and young people who come from broken and pathological family backgrounds. At that time, the institution which looks after and shelters 34 children and young people, was provided with urgently needed commodities such as household utensils, computers, bedding, toiletries, school material, clothes and sports equipment.

Over the years, the CFE stayed in contact with this organisation which carries out such fantastic work and when the Lyoness Loyalty Merchant "Restauracja Leśny Dworek" suggested planning an Angel for a Day initiative together with the organisation, everyone was enthusiastic. Together with the energetic support from Lyoness Poland and motivated Loyalty Merchants, the Directors of the children's home were able to put together an unbelievable day for the children. They wanted to organise a day which would help the children to leave their every day troubles behind and experience something unique together with their Carers.

The day began early with an extensive breakfast spread on the grounds of "Trzy Kopce", an area of land with a football field, volley ball field, two trampolines, a paintball field, table tennis tables, table football and much more. The children were able to take advantage of the entire grounds all day. Further highlights were also planned. Later on in the morning, local firefighters put on a show and presented their fire engine, the children could also see a first aid rescue vehicle up close, they also had the opportunity to receive a professional makeover and participate in a hairstyling competition as well as receive free Vouchers for the hair salon to boot. Everyone had lunch and then a little time to digest what they had already experienced.

In the afternoon, the children were able to participate in a round of paintball fighting or help make chocolates under the supervision of professionals. Finally, the children had the opportunity to ride in a horse-drawn carriage and the successful and all-round fun day was capped off with a small gift for each of the children. The day was a fantastic experience for all those involved and an unforgettable experience.

We would like to thank all those who made this day for the children possible and contributed to its success.

We'd like to say a special thank you to the Lyoness Loyalty Merchants and Members:
F.H.U Robik s.c.
F.H.U LIDER Tomasz Klukowski ”Delikatesy Ola”
Sklep “Adam i Ewa” Maria i Stefan Czerhoniak
PERS Sp. z o.o.
ZRB J. Haluch
F.P.H.U. Arpi Sp. z o.o. sp.k.
Studio Fryzur “Edita Matrix” Edyta Apola
F.P.H.U. Andrzej Paluch
Restauracja "Leśny Dworek" Lucyna Haluch
FIGLARNIA SC Grzegorz Matuszek, Leszek Rogala
Bogdan Szuścik
Lyoness Poland

Project Goals

The goal of this initiative was to provide the children and young people of the Gorlice children's home with a day well away from their normal routine and give them the chance to experience something which they would otherwise never have experienced due to financial or organisational difficulties.

Project Title

Angel for a Day - Poland III A Reunion with the Children and Young People at the Children's Home in Gorlice.

Project Location

Gorlice, Poland

Project Period



34 children and young people who were separated from their parents due to difficult and pathological family circumstances and are temporarily being sheltered and cared for in the Gorlice children's home.